Conservatories: Conservatory Plans

Wooden conservatories offer an attractive solution to those looking for a green, eco-friendly and efficient way of enjoying a home office or a family retreat. Wooden conservatories are often single glazed and double-glazed; both have a low U-factor and double-glazing reduces energy use. Double weather bars and extra acoustic damp proofing also increase acoustic quality, reducing noise and increasing energy efficiency.

Most wooden conservatories are either double glazed or insulated with either wood or metal framing. They also contain a double layer of polyurethane on the insides. The best way to keep water out is through a watertight membrane that runs from outside to inside. Some of the most effective ways of preventing condensation include putting a glass door on a single glazed conservatory or insulating a wooden conservatory with either double panes or a single pane foil wooden conservatories.

Most wooden conservatories have windows which are fully insulated. The most commonly used insulation is polyurethane or uPVC. Most windows are fitted with double panes of glass. This is often a standard size, but some conservatories vary slightly to achieve the best level of insulation for their style. Glass panels are placed either side of the window to allow air into the conservatory and prevent drafts from entering the room.

Conservatories are sometimes made with apertures for lighting or window treatments. These can be made from slate or other porous material to allow heat and light to pass through. Some conservatories even have skylights for heating and lighting purposes.

Conservatories can be designed with either a sliding glass door or doors on the interior and sliding doors on the exterior. Awnings are available that can be installed over the door frame for added protection conservatories.

Wood and metal frames are used to create conservatories that are strong, lightweight and energy efficient. They are not as robust as traditional metal and glass frames, but they are more durable than wood.

Modern conservatory design allows the use of all types of materials. Many people opt to have their conservatories custom made and built from materials such as aluminum, steel or PVC. Some opt to have conservatories made from metal and glass and then choose to have them painted in a theme that is pleasing to the eye. Other people choose to purchase their existing wooden conservatory and then have it refinished and painted.

Some people prefer to have metal frames on their conservatory because they are less expensive to build and more environmentally friendly. Others may choose the privacy of a timber framed conservatory. and many others opt to combine timber and metal frames.

Conservatories can be built to meet any budget. It is important to assess your personal requirements before starting a project such as this. Many people will want to be able to enjoy natural sunlight at all times and enjoy views of wildlife and water whilst conserving energy.

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